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Armchair theorist, poet, and occasional IT manager, Sascha B. is equipped with a Master's Degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas, and is not afraid to use it. His work has been published by the University Press of America, Edwin Mellen Press, University of Texas Press, and a variety of small journals nationwide. He is also the proprietor and baker for 3141 Pie, of which you should eat many.

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I stopped blogging in 2013, when life overtook me. My father became ill and died shortly thereafter, and my mother was left with increasing dementia. I became the primary caregiver, and now orchestrate my mother's care and our family estate.

Now, I am coming up for air again.

Looking for the next book to read. All suggestions welcome.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a gnat's whisker

A personal post:

It would seem that I am just pennies away from receiving a miniscule royalty payment from dear old Amazon for my meager writings. So if you are feeling at all generous, please: put me over the top! Click on the Kindle book links above this post, and buy a story for $0.99. You'll get 20 minutes of reasonably informed enjoyment for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

See my Amazon Author Page here.