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Monday, June 25, 2012

Downgrading Our World, one Ruling at a Time

So today we saw Scalia & co. render two critical rulings: first, striking down most of the Arizona immigration law --- but leaving in place the most egregious insult to civil liberties in it, the "show your papers" clause, allowing local law enforcement to stop anyone they think is "suspicious" and demanding to see their proof of citizenship. I remember being a young kid watching all those old WWII movies, and laughing at the absurdity of those crazed nazis always demanding people's papers. Now I'm really not sure what to think --- or how safe it might be to think it...

The second ruling (or non-ruling) was the decision to not revisit Citizens United, and to strike down the decision by the Montana State Supreme Court, and wipe out a century of decided jurisprudence in that state which determined that, yes, indeed, huge sums of corporate money can indeed corrupt the system, or at the very least give the impression of corruption.

The majority of the current court see things differently. Apparently to them, gobs of unregulated money can do no harm, and can never even seem to do harm to the democratic process, because its influence will be by nature good and true.

I would like to move to the planet they grew up on, because people there must be ahh-maaayyy-zing.

So, score two for the move toward a power-mongering oligarchy.