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Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New Year, Mr. ATT Repair Guy!

So today, after years of on again off again landline and DSL issues --- mainly horrific static on the line whenever it rains, and disruption of DSL whenever the voice line engages --- the AT&T repair guy showed up today (four days early), and was able to do what no other AT&T guy has done for me before.

I mean, yes, he cleared up the trouble, and my line now is crystal clear (for now); more importantly, he diagnosed the cause--- which has eluded everyone who AT&T has sent out over the last 12 years.

It's not my equipment. It's not my splitter. It's not the wiring in my walls.

The lead pipe that carries all the twisted pairs from the splice box in our building's basement and out to the telephone pole on our street corner, that pipe is apparently as old as our building (90 years or more). And that lead pipe has a crack or seam or leak in it, somewhere on it's length as it climbs the telephone pole outside. And my twisted pair carrying my voice and data lines is apparently the one that has been catching all the incoming moisture.

So, now I am attached to a new pair, and the line is clear, but since my repair guy is internal wiring, and the pole is only dealt with by the external wire work group, it is likely only a matter of time (and weather) until another trouble ticket will need to be filed.

But in the meantime, thank you, Mr. AT&T Repair Guy. Hearing a dial tone rather than static is a lovely little gift ---- however ephemeral.