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I stopped blogging in 2013, when life overtook me. My father became ill and died shortly thereafter, and my mother was left with increasing dementia. I became the primary caregiver, and now orchestrate my mother's care and our family estate.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well, I was going to write about the incredibly disturbing implications of this article --- which, unsurprisingly, seem to be missed entirely by not only the instructors and students engaged with the devices, but by the journalist as well --- but I've been shifted in focus to the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

I just can't get the image out of my head of the imagined proposal: "So, honey, how would you like to be the future Queen of England?"

Talk about a great come-on. I'm not sure that can be topped.

As to the handheld remotes in higher education, just read the last few paragraphs, and consider: isn't the capacity to do exactly what these tools are enabling students to avoid --- speaking their minds publicly, supporting a point of view despite opposition, and having the courage to stand up for what you believe even when the majority is of a different (and potentially antagonistic) mind --- isn't this a critical part of what higher education is supposed to provide?

OK. I'm off to sit by the mailbox now and wait for my Royal invitation.