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Friday, September 17, 2010

Indian Summer?

It is grey, wet, and altogether dank on the west side of San Francisco right now. A healthy dose of typical September weather --- hot sun, bright skies, warm afternoons --- would do a lot of good for those of us who are fogbound and wondering where the light has gone.

On top of this, the news that yet another hypocritical and lying candidate is coming out swinging with the tune that sings "My opponent is the liar and the hypocrite! Don't bother to check the record, just listen to my spin!" This time, it is ($119 million dollars and counting) Meg Whitman's meaner CEO sister, Carly Fiorina, who has in one fell swoop accused Barbara Boxer of "class warfare", obfuscated her own history, told a few blatant falsehoods, and completely conflated and confused the issues of class, business practice, poor planning, and self-aggrandizement, and wealth accumulation at the explicit cost of those on whom that wealth is built.

Consider: Boxer has accused Fiorina of laying off tens of thousands of workers while accruing to herself increased pay, benefits, and a yacht (basically true). Fiorina spins this by saying that Boxer herself is a millionaire, and therefore is engaging in hypocritical "class warfare." This makes no sense. The fact that Boxer is filthy rich has little to do with the accusation that Fiorina was a terrible business leader, who destroyed morale, played employees against one another, engaged in internal spying and drove a company into the hole---all the while protecting her own assets and accruing wealth.

This is a bit like two rich kids who get driven to school each day in matching Maybachs; one is a bully, the other just a snotty rich kid. One day they get into an argument over who deserves to be head of the class, and the snotty rich kid says "You don't deserve it, you're a big fat mean bully!" And the bully responds "You little creep! You're just as evil, since your car is the same as mine! And that's mean to all the other kids here!"

Like I said, pretty lame.

And while this is going on, in the background we have the quiet hallmark of a record 80 days without a budget in the State of California (sigh), and the first slight murmurs of an actual campaign from Jerry Brown. I wait to see what he can do against the $7 per vote that Whitman has already spent of her own money. (We have 17 million likely voters in the state).

Personally, it would take more than the price of a beer to buy my vote, especially for someone as ill-prepared and ill-equipped for public office as Whitman.

On a lighter note, here's a video of a potential candidate who can prove that they have exactly the skills they claim: a robot that can do the hokey-pokey!