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I stopped blogging in 2013, when life overtook me. My father became ill and died shortly thereafter, and my mother was left with increasing dementia. I became the primary caregiver, and now orchestrate my mother's care and our family estate.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Most Depressing Article of the Year

Is this one. So far, at least.

In a nutshell? Universities are bowing to student pressure to reduce liberal arts education in favor of career-oriented training --- despite signs that neither employers nor educators are in favor of the move. Somehow, there is a notion that modern entrepreneurial spirits require more vocational training and less general critical thinking skills than did, say, every generation that has helped to build this nation since the 18th century.
"The University of Louisiana, Lafayette, is eliminating its philosophy major, while Michigan State University is doing away with American studies and classics, after years of declining enrollments in those majors."
Somehow, I don't think the answer is ridding ourselves of Philosophy as a possible major, just because the current crop of 18-year old students have been given little or no guidance as to how that knowledge can be relevant to a successful life.

Or even how that path could actually teach them something about the nature of a successful life to begin with.

A Few Random Thoughts

  • It took 30 years to destroy California's economic infrastructure and schools; how on earth can people suppose it will take much less to fix it?

  • The more we encumber travelers with flight precautions, the more it is clear that the terrorists have won.

  • Love and compassion are what make us human. Amid the snark and the bile and the whining, don't ever forget it.

  • For young healthy folks who feel that mandatory health insurance is a waste of their money and something to be fought against (along with government management of the system), stop and think: the reason is to expand the risk pool as mcuh as possible in order to....lower costs. Imagine if the only lottery tickets sold were to people who win; how long do you think we could afford to run a lottery? It's the same with health insurance. Now grow up and take some personal responsibility for the social contract in which we live.