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Friday, March 27, 2009

Michele Bachmann is Wack

Actual quote:
"Economics works equally in any country. Where freedom is tried, the people rejoice. But where tyranny is enforced upon the people, as Barack Obama is doing, the people suffer and mourn."
And people voted this person into Congress. That is terrifying. TPM has the story, along with more choices quotes from her radio appearance on (wait for it....) Hannity.

(p.s.: Obama has 71%+ approval ratings right now. Is that suffering and mourning?)

A Comprehensive new Skepticism

With Obama's announcement this morning of a new strategic direction in Pakistan and Afghanistan, it looks like we are in this for more of much the same stuff, but this time around for more of the right reasons. No more Democracy promotion: just kicking the asses of the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

It's a nice idea. And I've no idea if it can work.

Along with that, the long-evaded and much needed holding Pakistan to account as we financially prop up its government and military, much as we have since the nation's inception. The fact that it's high time we ended our cold war mentality toward Pakistan as a bulwark-against-communism-type-ally, and held them to benchmarks and standards of action for the support we provide, is uncontrovertible. That no one has been able to do it yet is also merely statement of fact.

Again: It's a nice idea. And I've no idea if it can work.

If we can express some balls in our interactions with Pakistan, and at the same time see (at last, again) a reduction in poppy production in Afghanistan, and a reduction in violence, then it will be a huge win. But only time will tell. And I'm skeptical.