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I stopped blogging in 2013, when life overtook me. My father became ill and died shortly thereafter, and my mother was left with increasing dementia. I became the primary caregiver, and now orchestrate my mother's care and our family estate.

Now, I am coming up for air again.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

After the Fall

It seemed that the good news kept coming yesterday: the Democrats took the House; Pelosi took the Speakership; Rumsfeld got the boot at long long last; Montana and Virginia went from red to blue, giving the Democrats a 51 seat majority voting bloc in the senate...I believe this is the first election in 10 years where I feel as though some little of what I care for was voted in, with the majority, for all the right reasons.

Now the hard part comes: can Pelosi maintain an effective yet still aggressive stance, without failing to mend fences? Can Bush constrain himself from the veto stamp? Are we looking at 2 years of possible rebuilding and redirection, or just 24 montsh of gridlock? We'll see. A new SecDef (though no idea if that means a new strategy), a new Congress, a new hope.

It's a bright sunny morning here in SF, full of light and San Francisco Values. I'm looking forward to the next few days.