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I stopped blogging in 2013, when life overtook me. My father became ill and died shortly thereafter, and my mother was left with increasing dementia. I became the primary caregiver, and now orchestrate my mother's care and our family estate.

Now, I am coming up for air again.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Looking Back At The Week

Honestly, the news has not been pretty this week, and so there has been a strong urge to ignore it, and any commentary, in favor of enjoying the SF spring sunshine while it briefly lasts, watching South Park, and trying not to think about the world's woes. But even ignoring the natural disasters in Philippines and Bangladesh and elsewhere, we still have rising civil war in Iraq after the destruction of the Golden Mosque. We still have bird flu sweeping rapidly into the heart of Europe. We still have South Dakota's stunning passage of a new anti-abortion law tailored specifically to allow the new Roberts Supreme Court to review and overturn Roe v. Wade. We have a sadly reduced Mardi Gras in New Orleans. We have Iran continuing it's nuclear path of provocation, all the while threatening to tip the balance of power in the sectarian strife just across its border in Iraq. We have oil refinery attacks in Saudi Arabia, and the kerfuffle over the Ports sale and the UAE, I could go on and on, but why beat a dead horse?

No, it hasn't been a great week for the world.

At the same time, I think that it is interesting that President Bush threatened the only veto of his presidency in order to protect a large politically embarrassing but commercially lucrative (for corporate folks, at least) deal which he didn't even know about in the first place. A remarkable insight into his manner of thinking.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Damn, I'm Good!

I appear to have taken the lead at the Olympic skating competition last night. And by golly, I deserve it, too. Did you see my short program? But I do think more folks need to take the attitiude of my coach when they talk to me. This can be the mantra for you all:
"'Yes, Sasha, I will. Yes, Sasha, I will. Yes, Sasha, I will,'' Nicks [Cohen's coach] explained after Cohen won the Olympic short program Tuesday night."
But seriously: the young woman who stole my name did an excellent job last night. I wish her well in chasing the gold.

SF Chronicle: A battle of mind and body / Cohen leads after short program, but has a long way to go

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back Again

They say that the servers have been fixed, so here I am again, giving it a go. It's just me and the dog here in cold sunny Marin, and in a moment we are going for a big Walk Through Town. Then I am going to give a nother try at transplanting a stand of bamboo, and fixing a bit of irrigation pipe.

You see, I am housesitting. And dog sitting. And it is very odd being out of the city, but not away somewhere. Not sure it works for me very well.

In any case, the world continues to be a mess, Washington politics are still unraveling on a deep and disturbing level, and the Middle East...well, more and more I see that regardless of the issues and problems and horrors on either side of the cultural fence, the "dialogue" as it stands is only helping to radicalize points of view, and move us farther and farther from any sort of rapprochement. Take, for instance, the remarkably idiotic statement by Andrew Sullivan today:
why do we rarely see movies about the brutalization of women in Islamic countries?
Read his wildly lame post here. The Colbert Report on Comedy Central recently looked at a book that "disproves" global warming, which received a journalism award from the Petroleum industry: they admit it is fiction, but see it as "fiction with the ring of truth." As goes Comedy Central, so goes the nation. Sigh. Maybe Sullivan could get a job with Big Oil.

No postings, as Blogger is eating every post since the 15th with great regularity. As soon as I figger out a reasonably non-annoying workaround (right now I am reposting from my hard drive and back dating and restoring and retrying and and and...) I'll be ranting as usual.